The purpose of this site is to provide you with examples of patient cases similar to what you will experience in Block III. This site will display, from a student’s perspective, multiple parts involved in patient care beginning with an initial focused H&P, a case presentation to an attending physician, a follow-up visit with the patient, and written records for both of these patient encounters. There are separate cases for each clerkship. The goal is to introduce you to clerkship-specific focused H&Ps, familiarize you with the various steps involved in patient care, and improve your understanding of the role of a student-physician.

To access the cases choose the appropriate clerkship from the menu at the left. These links will guide you to the individual parts of each case. Please begin each case by taking the pre-video survey and then conclude with the post-video survey. These surveys will help us assess the utility and functionality of these cases as part of the overall medical school experience.


Multimedia Playback Instructions:

  • Some videos have low audio levels, please Turn Up the volume in the media player and your computer system.


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