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Objectives: Increased ICP and Herniation

1. Discuss the features of intracranial space-occupying expanding mass lesions within the rigid cranium and list compensatory mechanisms for space-occupying lesions.

2. List effects of increased intracranial pressure produced by supratentorial space-occupying lesions.

3. List the consequences of uncal herniation.

4. Describe the effects of downward displacement of the brainstem (central herniation).

5. Describe the pathogenesis and consequences of cerebellar tonsil herniation.

Objectives: Types of Edema

6. List the types of cerebral edema and discuss their pathogenesis and consequences.

Objectives: Hydrocephalus

7. For non-communicating and communicating hydrocephalus, define and list examples of causes and sites of obstruction to cerebrospinal fluid flow.