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  • Kathryn L. Lovell Ph.D.
    Instructional and Content Designer
    email: lovell@msu.edu
    College of Human Medicine and College of Osteopathic Medicine, Michigan State University

  • Geraud Plantegenest, M.A
    Instructional, Interaction and Web Designer
    email: plantege@msu.edu
    Blended Curricular Learning Resources Group (B-CLR)
    Office of Medical Education Research and Development
    College of Human Medicine, Michigan State University

Revised from a previous CD-ROM version by Kathryn Lovell (instructional and content designer) and Mark Hodgins (instructional designer and programmer). Based originally on written instructional modules created by Margaret Z. Jones, M.D. Images were contributed by Drs. M.Z. Jones, S.L. Cottingham, and J.D. Fratkin, or used with Creative Commons permission as credited.