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Objectives: CNS Neoplasms

5. For the more common primary central nervous system neoplasms in adults (gliomas, meningioma):

A. list sites where found
B. describe signs and symptoms
C. describe gross and microscopic lesions
D. list cell of origin
E. list relative frequency
F. classify as benign or malignant

6. List cell of origin, site, and clinical signs for pituitary adenoma, acoustic Schwannoma, primary CNS lymphoma, germ cell tumors and pineal parenchymal tumors.

7. Discuss the neurocutaneous syndromes (phakomatoses) in terms of associated lesions and genetic defect.

8. Discuss metastasis of tumors to CNS from primary sites outside of the CNS, including morphology (gross and microscopic), and describe most frequent locations in CNS.

9. Discuss spinal cord tumors; list intramedullary and extramedullary tumor types

10. Discuss toxic effects of radiation treatment.