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Welcome to the Neuropathology Navigator

The Neuropathology self-instructional units were designed for second-year medical students in a neuroscience systems course. The topics included are listed above. Click on a topic to go to that unit; subtopics will be listed for easy navigation or the user can click the 'Next' button to go through the material linearly. To come back to this home page at any time, click on the 'Neuropathology Navigator' header located at the top of the page.

The website has been designed to provide students with easy access and visibility to all topics and sub-topics of the Neuropathology self-instructional units. Throughout the site, additional resources have been added to support the educational objectives of the units. Resources include interactive practice quizzes, case examples, downloadable and printable PDF units with their corresponding image galleries. The Review/Practice Units section contains cases and quizzes related to all neuropathology topics as well as exercises related to neuroanatomy review and localization of lesions.

In addition, a full version of the Neuropathology Navigator site is available for download in a zip file format.

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