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 Case 2. DD is a 74 year old man with a fifteen month  history of gastric carcinoma, which has now invaded  directly into the head of the pancreas and into the  liver.  He has just been referred for hospice care, and  the hospice nurse has noted his marked jaundice and  very poor functional status.

Question 1 (of 3).

DD is currently taking 7.5 mg of oral hydromorphone every 4 hours, but complains of the gradual return of moderate deep abdominal pain (5 out of 10) over the last several weeks. He has been on the same dose of morphine for over 8 months.

His insurance company no longer covers hydromorphone, so you decide to switch him to oral morphine.

Calculate the equianalgesic dose for oral morphine (table):

mg every 4 hours


Objective 3D, Equianalgesia

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