This page contains the beginning and ending of Dr. Jayne Ward's lecture to Year 2 medical students about the Neurological Examination. The other sections of this website contain the links for other parts of the lecture, and show demonstrations of individual parts of the exam, with explanatory text.  At the bottom of this page are links to each major segment of the exam that can be used as review.

BEGINNING OF LECTURE: Dr. Ward begins the lecture with: The purpose of this lecture is to describe how to do a screening neurologic examination. No-one expects you to know the fine points of complex elements of testing. In clerkship years you should be able to perform the exam, and be confident enough that you are able to call somebody, tell somebody about your exam, and explain the interpretation. Click the link below to see the rest of the introductory comments in the lecture.

Introduction to Neuroexam (opens in windows media player)

END OF LECTURE: The link below goes to the wrap-up of the lecture explaining neurologic problem solving based on the patient history and the neurologic exam findings. You should be aware of the levels of learning involved in diagnosis related to nervous system abnormalities:

  • Procedures of Exam
  • Documentation of Abnormalities (and documentation of normal results)
  • Anatomical Localization (where is the lesion?)
  • Neurologic Problem Solving (what are the hypotheses and differential diagnosis?)

Neurologic Problem Solving (opens in windows media player)




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